2020 Tennis Guidelines

1. PLEASE REGISTER ALL GUESTS IN THE PRO SHOP BEFORE GOING ONTO THE COURTS!! Guest fees are year-round! Please pay the fee of $5 per day / per person BEFORE PLAYING! If the pro shop is not staffed ~ collect the money and drop in the black drop box located on the back of the pro shop or give to a staff member the next time you are here at the club!! This is truly an HONOR system.

2. Non-members are only allowed to be a guest of a Cardinal member up to (12) times per calendar year. This includes social play and when participating in the instructional program.

3. All tennis players are required to check the online sign up for court availability and sign up prior to going on the court. You will be bumped if you are not signed up and others are waiting! Please be prepared to show your CARDINAL SWIM & TENNIS identification card if asked.

4. The tennis courts are for tennis only! No other activities, including frisbee, skateboarding, football, and bicycling, are permitted on the courts at any time. If the courts are being used for non-tennis activities, the people involved will be asked to leave the club for a time period designated by the Cardinal Tennis Committee and Tennis Director.

5. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. No swimming attire is allowed on the courts.

6. Only smooth-soled shoes are to be worn on both the hard and soft courts. Help us protect your investment. Bare feet are not permitted. After an initial warning, persons who continue to wear improper footwear will lose their playing privileges for a period of one week. Players not wearing the proper footwear will be asked not to play and/or to leave the facility. NO RUNNING SHOES ALLOWED ON EITHER THE SOFT OR HARD COURTS AT ALL TIMES!!!

7. The tennis courts are closed for use when blocked off on court sign-up online, locked and /or the nets are down. This is the decision of the Tennis Director and that decision IS FINAL!! We have the safety of the members in mind and to protect the integrity of the courts for future use by the entire membership – not a selected few.

8. Tennis players are expected to turn off the lights after evening play. All tennis activities will cease at NO LATER than 9pm - this is year round. Our court maintenance will start at 9pm if not earlier due to court usage. If playing at 9pm you will be asked to stop playing.

9. Any tennis lessons held on the Cardinal Swim & Tennis courts are to be conducted by the Tennis 360 Professional Staff. The tennis director and his staff have the exclusive rights to offer lessons for pay at this facility.

10. Members may use squeegees on the hard courts, but may not use squeegees on the soft courts.

Tennis Guests:

1. ALL GUESTS may play at any time when accompanied by a Cardinal Swim & Tennis member. Pay the guest fee of $5 per day / per person in the pro shop before going on the courts!! This is the member’s responsibility – NOT the guest.

2. The Cardinal Swim & Tennis Guest policy is year-round. The $5 per day / per person guest fee will be charged at all times during the year.

3. Failure to pay guest fees could result in loss of club privileges.

4. All non-members taking part in an instructional program are required to pay the $5 per day guest fee as well.

Tennis Etiquette:
1. The use of profanity, throwing of racquets or slamming of balls is prohibited. You may be asked to leave the premises if you are in violation.

2. Courts should be surrendered immediately at the expiration of time if others are waiting. This is a courtesy to all members. Let the group finish their point or game – BE POLITE!

3. Members should leave the court immediately when it is time for court maintenance. This may be for a staff professional or junior staff member.

4. Unsupervised children under the age of 10 are not allowed on or around the tennis courts, unless they are playing tennis. Children should NOT be running around the facility distracting tennis players. This includes all areas behind fencing and around the courts themselves.

5. Please review this attached file from the USTA (United States Tennis Association) that details court etiquette in their USTA Code of Conduct .


Tennis Court Reservations – ONLINE RESERVATIONS

1. Each member will need a username and password – please send Derek an email (derekgamble10s@gmail.com) and he will set you up immediately for online court reservations!!

2. Courts may be reserved NO MORE than (2) two days in advance after 12:00am by using the ONLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM via computer or smart phone. We DO NOT accept email court reservations! For example, if reserving a court for Friday, you may reserve online after 12:00am on Wednesday for that reservation. REMINDER, COURT RESERVATIONS CANNOT BE MADE VIA EMAIL!

3. Reservations are limited to one per day per member. Members can play several times per day but are only limited to making a reservation under their name once per day. PLEASE POST ALL MEMBERS PLAYING WHEN MAKING THE ONLINE RESERVATION IN THE GIVEN SPOT ON THE ONLINE FORM.

4. Courts reserved but not claimed within FIFTEEN (15) minutes of their designated starting time will be considered a “no-show” and the court will be forfeited and opened up for another member’s use.

5. Courts are booked on the hour and ½ hour. Reservations are not accepted on the 15’s & 45’s. For example the online system does not accept a 5:15pm reservation.

6. A member is expected to cancel a reserved court promptly if he/she knows that the court will not be used. If a reservation becomes a “no-show”, all players signed up for that court COULD lose their tennis privileges for one week.

7. Reserved courts are limited to stated time on the sign-up sheet. When making a court reservation, you can book a court for 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 or 120 minutes. If the court is open on the sign-up sheet after your designated time, you are welcome to stay and play until the next reservation arrives. Open courts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Play is limited to 90 minutes unless no one is waiting to play.

Tennis Court Hours of Operation:

Members can play tennis from 8:30am to 9:00pm provided the courts are open. The soft courts will not open for daily play until 8:30am. If a member wishes to play before 8:30am, they may do so but understand that daily court and facility maintenance may not be completed by that time. The soft courts are maintained and watered on a daily basis between 7:30- 8:30am, mid-afternoons times, and after 9pm. During the Ladies Gate City seasons (April – May and September – October), the soft courts will not be available until after 12pm on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Gate City practices have priority on the soft courts for TEAM practices. The teams will only use 2 soft courts at the most in order to have soft court availability for the membership.

Priorities of Members for courts usage:


Hard Courts
Mid - March through late November: Adult and youth members have an equal opportunity to sign up for a hard court as long as the soft courts are open for play.

Late November through mid - March: Adults have priority on the hard courts during the winter months if the soft courts are closed for the season. Junior players (ages 18 & Under) CAN NOT “bump” adults from their court reservations during the winter time period or when the soft courts are closed.

Soft Courts
Late March - November: The courts are open for play provided the weather has not delayed their opening and the freeze does not come too early in the winter. Adults have priority in signing up for the soft courts at all times except during regularly scheduled events by the professional staff.

December - Mid to late March: The courts are open for play, weather depending. Please remember that the soft courts do freeze and will remain frozen until the nighttime temperatures warm above freezing. If the courts are blocked off / closed or the gates are locked or the nets are down – THE COURTS ARE CLOSED!

We will do our very best to keep the soft courts open year round. Please do not forget that we have year-round hard courts for play as well. Please be patient with your staff as we are doing the best job possible to groom and maintain all courts at Cardinal Swim & Tennis to the highest standards given conditions!