TBD for 2020 



We invite you to visit the CARDINAL GRILL this summer!

For 2020, the grill will  be run  by new manegement.   We want our membership to use the grill as much as possible for convenience and enjoyment.  Although we allow personal coolers to be brought into the pool, your support of the grill is encouraged. 

The goal of the CARDINAL GRILL is to offer our membership TASTY food, COLD drinks, and FUN refreshments, at a reasonable price.   We want to make your time with your family and friends more enjoyable and less stressful by offering a food and beverage option that keeps you at the pool longer and gives you a chance to “sit back and let us do the cooking”.

In order to serve quality, we have once again decided to offer a menu that is “made-to-order.”  We prefer go with freshly made items rather than microwaved ones, for quality rather than speed.  Please know that all employees of the grill will be working hard to make your orders as quickly as possible.   Remember to please give the staff adequate time to prepare your meal. 

For payment methods, we will be accepting cash, credit cards, and offering pre-paid charge accounts.  


The normal operating hours will be: 

Sun:  TBD        Mon: TBD       Tues-Thurs: TBD     Fri-Sat TBD 


Please keep in mind that after July 4th, hours will be adjusted.  Also, there will be periodic adjustments for school hours, bad weather and for special events.  Please check your email and the club’s website for updates. 

Thank you for your continued support of the CARDINAL GRILL!  We look forward to having an awesome meal with you at the pool!


We will have re-loadable gift cards at the register.  To set up an account, you will give the staff your payment, they will load the amount on the card, and keep your personal card at the register to swipe when you place a purchase.  This will be a better way to track your purchases and maintain accounts.



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